A Learning Lab or Retreat is an ideal vehicle to allow groups of individuals to explore issues at a deeper, more fundamental level. These issues or challenges could relate to the “what” and “how” of what they are facing as individuals, or leaders or as a group. A Reflection Lab is a powerful forum to connect on a deeper level, to challenge each other to things that are often uncomfortable or confusing, and to create new possibilities and new paths to success.

Often, sessions relating to the labs are held in “non-traditional” venues, and include places where historically, indigenous populations held exploration sessions, or they may take place in areas designated as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. These retreats or labs are set up with the collaboration of global organisations who have populations in different global regions and who have previously done development work together. These organisations, operating in North America and Europe, are looking to continue creating supporting interventions that sustain longer term development or strategy execution journeys.

There are also lab concepts that are more “action oriented” and/or “solution focused”. For example, the LCAL (Leadership Challenge Acceleration Lab”) is a two day event that allows an organisation to gain new insights on current organisational/leadership challenges, by obtaining real time, frame-breaking views from a group of prominent individuals from different fields, backgrounds, and disciplines. A LCAL is a practical, powerful, and cost effective way of bringing new insight to ongoing business challenges. They are also designed in a manner that is refreshing, engaging, energising and pragmatic. An LCAL can be facilitated for an individual, an in-tact team, a project team, a C-Suite group, or a population of leaders across an organisation. Labs can also be designed as face-to-face, virtual, or “blended” interventions or can sit within a larger leadership development or change leadership intervention.