“I have worked with Vyla over the last 10 years. She is a consummate professional, delivering work of the highest quality with the utmost integrity. She has a unique and extremely effective way of engaging which ensures trust and respect are quickly established. I wholeheartedly recommend her”
Tracey Locke OBE, HR Director, Corporate Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Vyla Rollins is an experienced, perceptive and hard working professional. She has been a valued colleague over the nineteen years since I first met her. She has attributes which mark her out as a good prospect for an NED role. She will be a critical friend to management and take a collegiate approach”
Simon Osborne, Former CEO, ICSA, The Governance Institute and current Head of ICSA Board Evaluation Services

“She helped our team focus on the issues of the day. She provided the lubrication for our thought processes, and her understanding what makes people tick is scary!

We made more progress than we could possibly have anticipated and above all it was fun”
Roger Cato, Non-Executive Director at NATS Holdings Ltd and National Air Traffic Services Ltd
Former Chairman and Managing Director of Gatwick Airport (BAA plc)

“A highly effective, professional and insightful leadership development expert who really makes a difference for individuals, top teams and their wider organisation”
Chris Hopson, Chief Executive, NHS Providers

“Vyla impressed me in all aspects of putting together the workshop: her interpersonal skills are strong and her senses acute. She quickly picked up on issues and tensions coming from the top team and skilfully wove her way around them to get us all to where we needed to be. The design of the day was subtle and effective and it achieved its aims. The impact from the day has endured. She is also an energiser and I was surprised and delighted by the enthusiasm she managed to muster from the SCS cadre.

I have also been coached in a personal capacity. She is everything I could wish for in a coach: challenging while supportive, straight talking and perceptive, warm and good fun. I feel as if I have already learnt a lot from her in a safe and supported learning environment”
Rachel Sandby-Thomas CB, Shadow Chief Executive, Institute for Apprenticeships,
Former Director General for Skills, Deregulation & Local Growth Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

“Vyla is a great partner to work with in client situations that require hands-on small group facilitation. She knows what she’s doing, and has the maturity and presence to “connect” with a wide range of executives”

Bob Stringer, Former Faculty Member, Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration &
Author of “Leadership & Organisational Climate”

“I have partnered with Vyla Rollins on many occasions over the last decade to design and deliver high quality, impactful executive and leadership development experiences. Vyla is also a skilled and respected executive coach whose strengths lie in her ability to relate to and engage with multiple audiences from senior executives through to front line leaders. She possesses the ability to identify leaders’ core areas for development, the confidence to challenge their derailing behaviours, and the expertise to assist them in crafting meaningful development plans to address their gaps. She demonstrates a high degree of finesse and agility to adapt to different personalities and changing contexts. Vyla has sound business acumen and a strong focus on achieving real outcomes. She consistently delivers outstanding results and participants who have experienced her programs continue to reflect upon and benefit from the insights she brings during their leadership journey with her. Among her strongest attributes are curiosity and her appetite for learning. Her openness to innovation and her strength in critical thinking allow her to continuously incorporate new ideas into her design work in a practical way that resonates with business leaders”
Julie Powell, Former Director, Talent Development, Methanex Corporation and Former Global Advisor, Executive Talent, Rio Tinto

“Vyla taught me so much about me. She has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of the matter and guide you to the answers effortlessly. She achieves this through close listening, and exceptional insight…amongst all the great humour there is plenty of accountability”
UK Board Director, Jones Lang LaSalle

“Vyla has been an invaluable resource for me in defining best practices for organizational effectiveness. She is a strategic thinker who goes beyond theory to help with execution”
– Greg Worrell, President, Classroom and Library Group, Scholastic Incorporated, USA

“Vyla has a unique ability to stimulate energy and creativity in a group, and to channel this to achieve impressive developmental outcomes”
– Robert Court, Managing Director, Global Stakeholder Strategies, Former Global Head of External Affairs, Rio Tinto

“Only Vyla can create a high energy and fast paced environment without losing the care and the compassions for the individuals in it”
– Bernhard Kerres, Founder of HELLO Stage, Advisor and Speaker

“In addition to being a leading-edge professional, Vyla is completely in her element when she is able to help leaders develop. Her passion, perceptivity, humour, and involvement have earned her a well-deserved ‘following’ among our program alumni. Vyla has been instrumental in our journey as a learning organization thanks to her design, facilitation and coaching skills”
– Dana Allen, Leadership Program Director, Air Liquide

“Vyla is an organizational alchemist! Her consulting interventions enable her clients to connect the dots between organizational and business issues. Leveraging her background, she is an adept change manager who rapidly moves her clients through their personal change curves. The result is a team prepared and emboldened to drive significant organizational change. As a coach, she transforms an executive’s intentions into tangible and actionable deliverables”
– Joe McCarthy, Executive-in- Residence, Argosight, Former Director of Human Resources, Capital One Global Financial Services, USA

“Vyla is a talent who brings a different and often unexpected perspective to sensitive client situations that enables both client and colleague to break through apparently unresolvable problems. She helps people to define and take on their challenges, often involving navigation of the edge of their comfort zones. I think of her as an emotional guide who is also grounded in organizational reality”
– Christopher Johnson, Partner and EuroPac Talent Business Leader, Mercer Consulting

“Vyla is that rare professional who can draw out the very best from the academic world – the radical ideas for innovation and depth of analysis – and combine them with broad knowledge of how business operates to create actionable insights for leaders and managers. She also has an excellent understanding of the way adults learn, along with an impressive toolkit of methods to ensure that learning is embedded and real change happens. Whether she is working to coach an executive, designing a classroom experience for a group of busy managers, or advising a senior management team Vyla creates real value by helping leaders see problems and potential solutions in new ways”
– Dr Randall Peterson, Professor of Organisational Behaviour, Academic Director, Leadership Institute, London Business School

“When I started consulting back then I thought I knew it all. When I met Vyla, I realised I knew very little… she can establish credibility and authority within minutes of meeting a client for the first time, and goes on to build rapport by exercising some of the best process skills I have ever seen.

She uses her experience in a variety of consulting firms and elsewhere to balance this process mastery with solid business knowledge. As a result her consulting work has impact, and her clients actually change things”
– Rupert Symons, Peer Mentor at the Forward Trust

“Vyla undertook a significant culture development project whilst I was HR Director for BAA Heathrow. I valued her strategic viewpoint combined with her ability to achieve quick wins in order to progress complex issues. She was highly effective in managing a diverse group with differing needs and was very successful in getting to the heart of the issue whilst managing client expectations and understanding peoples’ thoughts.

Her style is one based around outputs, high energy and enthusiasm, challenge. Her client base is broad and she has worked with partnerships as well as blue chips. She has a great ability to assimilate and blend into diverse cultures whilst hitting the ground running and achieving quick wins as well as ensuring a strategic view is taken.

Vyla’s challenging but non confrontational style was a key benefit and her ability to ‘on line’ coach senior people on a one-to-one basis was of great value. I would highly recommend her for complex and high profile projects”
– David Bradley, Director, People & Culture, Retail, Primark Stores, Former HR Director, Ernst & Young

“Vyla engages wholeheartedly with people and their issues. Her thinking is never merely dry or dispassionate, so that despite her robust professionalism she is trustworthy and generous. This approach makes it easy for others to feel safe with her and to feel well-supported should they need to challenge their own assumptions. She has a lot of varied experience to draw upon – cultural, educational, professional and psychological – so that she cannot be type-cast”
– John Burnard, Business Psychologist

“Vyla is insightful about ‘what’s going on here’, and is able to articulate her diagnoses in unambiguous terms. She builds robust relationships quickly, and is able to readily gain the attention and confidence of senior managers. She is engaging with clients at all levels, and is appreciated for her directness, and ability to express things in an uncomplicated way.

Her respect for, and openness to, different ways of thinking and doing things, her willingness to engage with members of another culture on their terms, and her ability to envisage new possibilities for making a difference, enable her acceptance and achievement of successful outcomes for the client”
– Terry Morgan, Organisational Psychologist & Former Head of Organisation Development, Shell UK

“Vyla combines an enthusiastic style with a rigorous and highly professional approach to her work and always “holding your feet to the fire” by challenging you to be accountable for your commitments and achievements.

She holds clear boundaries around her expectations which provides challenge, and she was very focussed on helping me to develop my sense of my own unique talents, knowledge and expertise which can be used to good effect when working as a process consultant with leadership/executive teams.

Vyla also shares her incisive insights and her theoretical knowledge, and by being a mirror she challenges some of my deeply held assumptions and beliefs and where relevant shares alternative perspectives. She approaches her work offering leading edge perspective versus standard models that are simply implemented regardless of the situation”
– Valerie Tomlin, Director, Valerie Tomlin & Associates, Former Head of Organisational Development, R&D, Glaxo SmithKline

“When you are putting together what you hope will be a high performance team to address a very clear burning platform (when nobody truly knows each other) the choice of consultants in terms of any cultural change programme is absolutely critical.

Vyla was one of two people we worked with back in 2000/01 in order to honestly face up to what we had to do and most importantly how we would all have to change our behaviours and leadership impacts. She especially worked hard to get to know us as individuals and to ensure that at all times we felt confident in giving of our best and putting across our inner selves. At times her personal demonstration of what great leadership looked like what was pretty inspiring.

Looking back, the whole enabling leadership workshop was the foundation stone on which our current business is built and more importantly is still providing the ammunition and ability to change our business ever faster for the better”
– Bill Shannon, Chairman, St Mowden Properties Plc, Former Managing Director, Whitbread Restaurants Group

“Vyla offers clients a unique value proposition experience in helping clients address both the business and people issues their organizations face during change. Her approach combines systematic strategy alignment & execution processes supported by expertise in coaching senior leaders for rapid behaviour change”
– Karen Boylston, Independent Consultant & Advisor, Former Managing Director, Duke Corporate Education

“Vyla is a joy to work with. Her passion and commitment to helping you and your organisation shines through. She always seeks to understand, never judges and offers the most fantastic insights into what you are doing personally and how that might impact on the work you are doing. I have learnt so much from working with her, that’s not always been comfortable, but you know she will always help you through that learning process. I’m not there yet but she’s certainly helped me on my journey of becoming a more effective leader which can only be good for me, my team and my organisation! Thank you Vyla”
– Senior UK Civil Servant

“Working with Vyla is a dynamic experience. Vyla brings a passion and intensity to her work which inspires those who work with her; she has a talent for quickly getting to the heart of an issue and offering her own unique perspective.

I find her enthusiasm and energy revitalizing, resulting in best practice solutions for her clients”
– Maureen Smith, Former Training Manager, Reuters USA, Partner, Mayfair Consulting

“Vyla, as a seasoned professional, taught me a lot about organizational effectiveness and how it related to training, a new area for me. Professionally, she helped me to navigate both the big issues and the small – in my previous role she coached me as I designed and ran a large strategic meeting, fraught with intricacies while sharing her insights, with honesty and compassion. I learned from Vyla every day. She helped build my confidence, and to become aware of my blind spots. She is a true leader, who is not afraid to speak her mind, take on big challenges, and who delivers results. Her amazing work ethic, intellectual curiosity, and sense of humour are just some of her standout traits.”
– Alan Cohen, President, Alan Cohen Executive Coaching, USA

“Vyla’s insight, guidance and direction were very helpful with my Senior Team. She worked with the team to develop structure for the meetings and consensus building techniques. She also was very effective with executive coaching”
– Barbara Delano, Instructional Designer, Insignia Training Partners/Xerox Business Services,
Former Regional VP of HR SSM Health Care, St Louis, USA

“Vyla’s ability to be present to an issue at the same time as seeing the bigger picture is a rare quality.  Her breadth and depth of experience as a consultant and in academia gives her a unique perspective and ability to engage people in stepping back, assessing a situation, aligning solutions with strategic imperatives and using the whole process to develop leadership capability”
– Keith Mainland, Proprietor Human1st, Psychotherapist, Management Consultant, & former President of International Association for Business Communicators, UK Chapter